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Sliema Wives


Five women have been nominated for the Woman of The Year Award by American entrepreneur Chad Kingsly, owner of the elite LUSHLIFE society magazine. Behind the glitzy façade of their palatial homes, Botox, and expensive smiles there are rippling undercurrents … The upper crust Sliema social circuit is buzzing. Meet the materialistic, rich, pampered and privileged breed … Miranda Fitzpatrick: The nymphomaniac interior designer and living testament to the wonders of plastic surgery… ?Benita Scerri Owen: The nouveau riche business woman with a shady past... Yana Refalo: The ruthless TV host; kleptomaniac by choice, evil by nature… Paulanne Ferri De Brincat: The aristocrat with a big secret to hide from her snobbish clique. Chloé Manduca: The beautiful dentist with a money-hungry husband and an admirer with a twisted mind… Unforgivingly revealing and scandalously juicy, Gerard James Borg lifts the lid on high society in a scorching saga of lust, power, betrayal, and ambitious rivalry. These Sliema Wives have as many secrets in their closets as Jimmy Choo high heels!

ISBN: 978-99932-7-443-8
Publication date: 0000-00-00 00:00:00

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€ 14.50

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